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On October, 25-26 2004 Asian Economic Forum «Russia and Asian-Pacific region: New Prospects of Cooperation. How can we join business opportunities of Russia and Asian-Pacific countries» (AEF) organized by the Russian Academy of Business and the Russian Union of Industrialists (Employers) was held in Moscow.

More than 250 delegates took part in the forum including the representatives of business circles, governmental and public organizations from 25 Asian-Pacific region countries and Russia. During forum meetings and workshops representatives of the State Duma and Federal Council of the Federal Sobranie of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, the Federal Agency for Science and Innovations, the Federal Agency for Natural Resources Use, Eurasian Economic Community (EurAsEc), National Confederations and Unions of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Asian countries, international business circles, public organizations as well as representatives of scientific and social communities and Russian and foreign mass-media made presentations.

The participants of the AEF had a comprehensive and thorough discussion of the current situation and prospects of development in relations between Russia and Asian-Pacific countries. They noted the fact that beyond depending the changes of international climate the policy to deepening strategic cooperation and partnership in the field of economy is to become the tendency of high priority in the activities of business communities of the economies included in as a unique in its structure and character forum as APEC is, uniting potentials of Asia, both Americas, region of Ocenia, and also such a Euroasian power like Russia. Russia’s joining in July, 2004 the «Treaty of Amity and Cooperation in Southeast Asia» (1976) creates also the necessary prerequisites for constructive economic cooperation with the countries of ASEAN.

The participants of the AEF find it necessary to consolidate the efforts to further safeguarding social-economic stability, improvement of common information space and expansion of business inter-regional cooperation, elaboration and implementation of joint projects in the Asian-Pacific region. Strategic interests of business community include «joining» federal and regional Russian economic strategy and economic strategy of the Asian-Pacific countries. Meanwhile, a particular geo-economic situation of Russia closely adjoining to European economic space and Asian-Pacific region makes it possible to attach to the market of the Asian-Pacific region the resources and intellectual potential of Siberia and the Russian Far East as well as dynamically developing western, central and southern regions of the country.

The participants of the AEF taking into consideration the main principles of the decisions made by APEC aimed at improvement of trade-economic relations between the countries-participants, suppose the most important task is perfection of the structure of bilateral trade with Russia’s participation, extending of technical-machinery and electronic production trade, improvement of forms and methods in trade-economic and investments cooperation giving the opportunities to realize the most significant joint projects in different fields. One of the most important targets in development of external trade relations between Russia and Asian-Pacific countries may be and should be practical implementation of APEC countries’ experience in the field of enlarging opportunities for free trade through working in Russia the free economic zones.

While discussing questions within the frames of the forum agenda were analyzed the ways that could give additional impulse to developing of entrepreneurs’ activities in the sphere of international economic cooperation in Asian-Pacific region.

The participants of the AEF emphasized that nowadays the principal question is development of cooperation in the field of energy, namely in the questions of creating a new export tendency for energy bearers deliveries from Russia to the countries of Asian-Pacific region. Simultaneously it is necessary to speed to reach the real progress in the field of joint peaceful use of nuclear energy, strengthen scientific-engineering cooperation in such priority branches as outer space, energy, including atomic, production and usage of new materials, in the field of chemical industry, bio and information technologies and communications. The preferable form of international cooperation in these fields the participants consider to be the development of industrial cooperation that gives in full to attract elaborations of science-intensive branches of Russian industry and stir to activity investment role of transnational corporations operating in Russia.

The participants of the AEF underlined that consolidation of mutual confidence, extending of economic cooperation as well as close coordination and cooperation in international affairs are impossible without information exchange and formation of common information space, foundation of modern information potential allowing with actual systematized information of modern market situation and investments activity, current business processes and peculiarities of organization and doing business in Russia and Asian-Pacific countries.

During discussion the participants of the forum came to the conclusion:

  1. To advance an opinion of an exclusive importance for the Asian-Pacific region to be included on the list of priority directions for Russian foreign policy by virtue of its geopolitical position as the largest Eurasian power. Diversification of the international economic relations in view of the opportunities opening in this dynamically developing region of the world, can provide Russia with the maximal effect from its participation in the international division of labor; the aspects of bilateral and multilateral regional cooperation need deeper study in and could have an effect on both the new wording Concepts of Foreign Policy of Russia, and on the Concept of the Commercial Policy of Russia which is now being developed by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation;
  2. To start a detailed studying and development of ways of integration of Russia with APEC by 2020, first of all — in a vision of the Jakarta-Bogor APEC Summit: formation of the regional free zone for goods, services, and capital movement, expansion of opportunities for free persons’ movement provided with a developed concept of the general security measures for region in the light of the threat of the international terrorism; to take an active part in the review of the intermediate term purposes which is to be held in 2005 in Republic of Korea;
  3. To start a detailed format development of diversified cooperation of Russia with APEC by joined efforts of scientific and business circles, first of all of its economic component;
  4. To continue studying of the projects of free economic zones (FEZ) and their principles of functioning in region of the Russian Far East as a key direction of development; to consider it necessary to accelerate the process of the FEZ Federal Law adoption;
  5. To support the initiative of establishing and developing of the network of APEC Study Centers in Russia on the basis of Russian Academy of Sciences leading special research institutes and the Russian Academy of Business in accordance with the agreement at the APEC Leaders Education Initiative Conference, which was held at Seattle in May 1994 with the purpose to organize systematic and wide information support among the broad public about the significance of economic development and links in Asian-Pacific region and to develop programs aimed at consolidation of regional ties of scientific, governmental and business circles;
  6. To consider it is expedient to initiate establishing a coordinating center that could provide closer cooperation of external economic structures representing the countries of Asian-Pacific region and already having their own representative offices in Moscow and other large cities of Russia to maintain their coordination efforts on formation of favorable information climate for developing business relations between Russia and APEC countries including the level of the regions of the Russian Federation and to offer the Russian Academy of Business to summarize the appropriated experience and elaborate the suggestions on the work of the center.



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